Thursday, August 14, 2008

Back at it!!

Sweeeeet! I can train now nearly at 100%. Today I rode 2hrs first I was pretty shaky and kept picturing another horrible fall. But a couple of miles in, some great hills (in north San Antonio) and my confidence was back! No pain at all for the entire ride :)
Then I went down to the pool after lunch and did 30mins of not "playing around" swimming, but actual laps of drills and full stroke! It was awesome. My strength in the water with the injured arm is not quite there yet and still gets a little sore every now and then but in 1-2 weeks more I think I can crank a full hour.
Tomorrow I'm planning on a 90min easy ride and Saturday a nice three hours early before traffic but nooo white rock lake this time! I'll be wondering the hill country where runners are no where in sight :) and hopefully no cars either hehe.
I'm really glad I didn't listen to doctors or other people who have experienced shoulder injuries but instead listened to my own body. Every human is different and I'm sure much of my speedy recovery can be attributed to not wearing the sling almost at all, keeping myself active even if it meant walking and floating at first, and bein very aggressive with the range of motion/resistance PT.
Anyway, all good news here! I'm stoked beyond words that I will do Cancun and that if things keep progressing at this rate my swim won't be a disaster.
I've got about a week left here and then it's back to Dallas for school...last semester!!! Ahh, it went by so fast, but I'm extremely ready to get out of college, even though I have no idea what the heck I'm gonna do to continue training and racing toward my goals with my whole citizenship issue- as the only way for me to stay in the US is with a full time job (aka visa sponsorship/green card).
Well enough of that, right now I'm happy to be living in the moment :)