Monday, July 14, 2008

sweating the small stuff

I'm glad to be home, it makes recovering a lot easier. You truly come to appreciate the power of family in bad times. The simplest things like putting on a shirt, typing on a keyboard, cutting an apple, or brushing your teeth suddenly become arduous tasks. I'm so thankful that I did not endure a single scratch on my legs, or face.
The day after, yesterday, was bad. Since waking up that morning I haven't been able to lift my neck from a lay down position. I think all my little tendons/muscles are super tight and have many little tears so they just won't function.
It takes about 15min to get out of bed since I enclose myself in a coffin like state with pillows to eliminate room to move while wrong turn and I'm screwed hehe. I've been getting up as usual, at 5am, to head to the pool and do some water running. I tried it without a belt but that resulted in a tighter neck and shoulders, so I'm stuck with the granny belt ;) My butt's still bruised up pretty bad and painful when sitting so I try to stand most of the day and walk around, so the trainer will have to wait for another day or two. I don't think running on ground will be an option until xrays show major calcification of the bone, because even walking briskly moves it and it hurts like hell. Ugh, kind of frustrating that a lot of exercises affect the collarbone. Water running 30mins 3X a day seems to be good because more than 30 at a time gets me tired, I'm still feeling very wiped out.
Calf raises, single leg squats and adducter lifts on the balance disk are fine to do. I'm also doing the resistance ball for forearm strength...I used that a lot when I played tennis.
Anyway, just posting an update. Every day that goes by means I'm that much closer to the next swim start :) Chicago is gonna need a miracle and would be pretty risky on the barely heeled bone, but I should be unleashed for Cancun!