Monday, August 18, 2008

Last week of summer

Ahh... time has flown by! It's raining and muggy outside and I'm lovin it bcuz it's my day off. I only did some light stretching and playing in the pool. This past week I did it- I officially defeated the collarbone injury :) I got out for a ride mid-week and fell in love with the hills near Sonterra, north of 1604/281 intersection. Since the area is in development there are wide streets with virtually no traffic or people and amazing climbs! My shoulder didn't bother me one bit, even on a 3hr ride followed by a short 30mins run on Saturday. Yesterday I ran a bit longer- 80mins and was feeling on top of the world. As of Friday I can swim just like before the accident. I haven't tested more than half an hour, but so far no soreness there. I'm playing it conservative though and building the time and intensity in the water slowly this week. By next week I should be able to crank out some masters workouts in Dallas :)
So my last week in San Antonio means two long runs this week, 3 shorter ones, and 4 long rides (two 2 hr, one 3 hr, one 4hr, and one ez hr spin). Since I can't get that kind of biking in Dallas, I have to grind it out here.
I'm sooo happy it's hard to put into words. I know this will be a great race no matter what because I'm just so thankful to be lining up at the start. I just have to be careful not to get too excited with the water and overuse my shoulder before then haha.
Back to Olympics watching ;)