Sunday, January 20, 2008


It's 26F!!!!!!! I've never been scared to race before- today I am. If I can will myself to the start and finish of the race I'll have conquered my biggest obstacle: COLD.

For Kona, I was excited, anxious, happy, proud, honored, confident. Today I'm a terrified wreck. The though of numb fingers and toes, chapped lips, frozen ears, etc...has me wishing for some time on the trainer, a swim, even a treadmill run.

I've gone over the fact that this is a training race and therefore I could just wimp out and train normally for the day....but I guess what's keeping me from doing that is the fact that it will be a huge accomplishment for me to get through a race in such conditions- like summitting a mountain :) Last year I didn't even make the drive down to Austin for the regional banquet awards (which take place over this wkdn's race) so simply committing mentally to come down and participate is a major step forward.

It's probably a laughable dilemma to some, but when you're body and mind are used to 100degree TX summers with a mirage in the distance as you're running down the road and the lovely feeling of humidity as vapors rise from the grass, anything below say 60degs just SUCKS!!!

Two more hours 'till I put on my multiple layers and drive over to race. I don't care if I can barely lift my legs from the amount of clothing- I'm gonna do my best to stay warm.

Will update when it's over and I'm happily eating breakfast and sipping something hot.