Saturday, January 26, 2008

Day before camp

I can't sleep on airplanes so last night when I went to bed at 10, it was more like 2am for me. So this morning I slept in till five past seven and missed joining Bree Wee and the HCC group for the morning ride. Grabbed a powerbar and headed out the door for my 3 hr ride. I just love riding up and down the Queen K. I eneded up almost to where the road forks and you take a left to start the climb to Hawi, and then rode back to town. There was actually quite a few groups of cyclists but little to no cars. It felt awesome to be riding in warm weather- I missed the hot sun beaming down!!!

Funny story...on the ride I came up on this guy, a triathlete, and said hi, but he completely ignored me, like didn't even look my way. RUDE, I thought, so I continued on by...until a couple of minutes later he rolls next to me and starts making hand gestures which I understood to be questioning me as to when I was going to turn around- and then I realized, he didn't ignore me...he's deaf! So I tried to gesture that I had about 15 more minutes and he laughed at my signing hehe. Cool guy, we rode together most of the way until a couple of miles before town. I'm really amazed at people that take being deaf, blind (like this one older man that did IM Hawaii last year), or an amputee, and show the world that these are not dissabilities, simply differences and they can do everything just like everyone else!!- Awesome ;)

After my ride I stopped by Lava Java, had a quick breakfast and headed to the condo to grab my laptop and books and then go back to Lava Java, as I can't get wireless at the condo. Here I was drinking the rockin Kona coffee until it was time for my I love swimming by the pier. The water is insanely clear and you can't get enough of the coral and pretty little fish.

Most people get in tonight so in the meantime I'll be chillin-staring at the ocean wondering if there could possibly exist a better way to enjoy life.