Friday, January 25, 2008


I'm ecstatic to say I'm finally settled in on the Big Island :) It was weird stepping off the plane and being back here again. In some ways it seems like moments ago when I was running on the Queen K to finish IM, or even gazing at the black lava for the first time back in June eager to get a slot at the Honu half. Yet, in other ways it seems like a distant chapter of my past. I've moved on, set new goals, and am returning to Kona to embrace the incredible training its topography can offer for the '08 season in a different light. Though Ironman is not on my short-term radar, there still remains that soft voice in the back of my head that draws me to that distance and challenges me to tackle it again- and I will...but patience, patience, patience.

After energy bars since 6am, I'm dying to sit down and enjoy some real food for dinner. It's been a long day and after much needed sleep, I look forward to starting the week of training fresh and energized tomorrow.