Friday, January 18, 2008


Yesterday was the coldest I've been in a long time it was high 20s ALL day!!...I'm crossing my fingers that it's much warmer for the race Sunday. Solely running in the cold is not too terrible, but cycling, that's another story.
The first week back at school has been awesome. I love my new classes. Finally, as a junior/senior, all of my classes appeal to my interests as I am done with core requirements and cultural formations. So I'm taking two marketing classes, sports marketing is my favorite, a management, and my last elective- theatre :)
Anyway, training has been going great. Despite the short cold I had last week, I didn't lose anything from it, only had to take one day off, and continued my rythm just fine.
Today will just be a tempo ride and a swim followed by a much needed massage. Then off to Austin tomorrow morning! I really enjoy going to Austin, though the drive can be a beating at times, hopefully I won't hit traffic or road construction delays. I'll be staying with my friend George, who's training for Ironman Arizona in April...not sure if he'll be doing the du too.I might stay until Monday as it's a school holiday- we'll see.
Gotta hop on the trainer~