Saturday, December 15, 2007

Winter Break!!!!

Yes!!! This afternoon I walked out of my last exam- actually the last exam on the University's final exam schedule. Most of my friends were done since early this week or even last week, but me, nopes I had a class scheduled for a final Saturday 11:30-2:30. Thankfully, it only took an hour and was fairly easy.
Grades have been posted for my other classes and given all the material I missed in lieu of IM Hawaii and my training trips, I pulled out just fine- 3 Bs and onlt Bs in any semester in college!! Oh well, the GPA's still solid :)

My plans to go to San Diego or Austin for winter break have been canceled. I've emptied out my wallet for the year and my coach wants me to stay as well, so I'll just have to deal with the weather Dallas throws. My family should be arriving next week as soon as my brother gets out of school. Right now we're getting through our first freeze...30s for the past couple of days and through early next week!

What's great is that for track thursday evenings, the weather has been pretty good-never below 50. I'm really enjoying our track workouts. Roberto and I stick together the whole time and it's awesome to be able to pace off him and dig deeper than I probably would by myself.

So, yea, training is going really well. I'm taking weights a lot more seriously than last winter and I'm slowly starting to feel the benefits. I also decided to go back to plyometric exercises which we did a lot when I played tennis- they help enormously. Strength and power are key for me to build for next season so bike workouts have mainly been centered around this- doing shorter rides (2hrs or less) with plenty of hill and power-specific work.

I'm out- stay warm!