Sunday, December 30, 2007

coaching my brother

Tomorrow afternoon my brother will be coming to stay for a week before he resumes school. I'm really excited because when he comes alone, I treat him like my little training experiment- sort of boot camp for the kid- hehehe (evil laugh)...I made him a training schedule where he'll be doing some things that match my routine and others where I'll be able to watch him and tell him what to do.
So, New Year's day we'll both be running the White Rock 5 mile race, and then I'll be dropping him off at masters. He'll do two weight sessions with me and then this week, ironically ha, I don't have track so it will be awesome to sit on the sidelines with Ahmed and see him and the others hamster-around in the cold. Sunday we'll both do masters in the morning and run drills in the afternoon. He can't bike because the road bike he got like 3 years ago for some "kids- tri" he outgrew dramatically. In fact, he's taller than me and obviously a bigger shoe size so I can't even lend him mine.
Aside from training, we'll definitely be hitting the movie theatre- there are a bunch of movies I want to see and we both have similar tastes so that works. Also our favorite pizza place, Campania is a must and a new gourmet burger joint downtown that I'm dying to try called Twisted Root!