Saturday, December 29, 2007


I'm an IDIOT!...Yesterday I decided to clean out as much crap from my computer files as possible, thinking that would somewhat solve the problem of it running so slow. Well, inside "my documents" was a folder titled "my music", I deleted that folder thinking it was the music data that comes when you buy the computer and did not relate whatsoever to my actual i-tunes files. WRONG!!
This morning (at 3:30 haha cuz I went to bed at 8) I got up to hop on the trainer and set my computer as always, on the table nearby to crank my playlist from i-tunes. Well, to my lovely surprise I had zero songs :( Immediately I rememberd my genious idea from the day before so I went to the trash can but, as I suspected, it had been emptied.
My solution: YouTube! Every 3-4 minutes for 2 hours i would stretch out my right hand and as best I could, would type titles to play another song haha...all while trying to maintain my cadence and power. This was ok for the first 30-45 min but after it became terrily annoying.
I don't know what I'll do after hundreds of my favorite songs have disappeared. I definitely won't buy them all again so that will probably leave me with asking a friend to burn me a cd or let me download from their files onto my nano.