Wednesday, December 26, 2007


Albeit the cold weather, I love this time of year..good food, family & friends, no school, presents, more training, and sleeping. I've slept more in the last week than I probably did in months. It's been relaxing to just lay in bed after a hard workout and watch movies or read.
For Christmas I didn't want any gifts that did not relate to triathlon so I told my parents to save any money they planned on spending for my 2008 season expenditures. I'm happy to be getting a new PowerTap hub for my road bike and enjoying some sweet training camps including Hawaii at the end of January.
My mom's boyfriend actually gave me a cool gift card to and though I could buy some bike components or the like, I have a few books in mind that I really look forward to reading during this down time.
The weather has been quite pleasant for running- mid 50s by the afternoon so thankfully I've stayed away from the treadmill :)
I hope everyone had a merry Christmas!! I can't wait 'till New Year's...that morning I'm doing my first race- 5 mile run at White Rock Lake. It should be fun and it's awesome they scheduled it for 10am.