Sunday, January 17, 2010

Week 1

Finished to perfection :)
I thought my arms wouldn't function by today- but am absolutely loving 6day swim weeks!! I've always thought swimming is like tennis- where one day out and your "feel" is gone. It has been completely verified.

Rainy weather got in the way of me joining the "Wednesday ride" for the first time. All last year I steered clear of Swami's & other group rides but am glad coach has them on schedule now because it's a sure way for me to get in a hard workout and be pushed more than I would myself riding alone. I'm apprehensive of such groups now that I'm sans road bike, but know to keep off my aero bars so knock on wood there are no accidents to come.

Anyway, that morning I was ready to go as it was only slightly drizzling, but by the time I stepped out the door, bike in hand, it came down hard! So I said "screw it" and pulled out the trainer. 15-20min after it died down, but by then I wouldn't make the start of the ride so just went out solo for my own tempo 3hrs and came back drenched anyhow.

Aside from lots of swimming and semi long riding, today marked my longest training run since pre-Kona! 2hrs of trail goodness :) It was cold for my standards so gloves, beannie, longsleeves/pants I drove out to RSF early and got a good 30min warm up on my own, then joined Caroline G for the 11ish mile loop and we were clicking along at a solid pace. We were both pretty surprised to be running this well, low HR's and perceived effort (as we planned for a cruisy long run), having both ridden pretty long & hard yesterday- Caroline had climbed Palomar.

So that's that- all's good. Feeling the fitness coming along well and the body is whole.

Next week's forecast sucks- all rainy and chillier. Good thing is it's more of a swim/run focus for me so aside from having to suck it up this Wednesday on the Swami's ride, I'll be on the trainer for short periods the other days.

Swimming everday except Sunday and getting the legs going w/ track Tues, another long run Thurs, and hopefully having some step for the C-bad Half Mary on Sunday!

Speaking of Sunday- Tawnee & I will be collecting finishers shirts from those wanting to donate them for the victims of Haiti. If you're running please come find us near the finish, or if you're just spectating, bring an unwanted NEW shirt to give away :D

We'll be shipping those off the following Monday to Fashion Delivers- an organization sending items to Haiti.