Saturday, January 23, 2010

Ready? GO!

Yay! Let the racing begin! First event of the year tomorrow- Carslbad Half Marathon. So glad I got to in thanks to a friend deciding to transfer her entry over. This run is in my backyard, though I've only cycled along the course, never really ran north of Leucadia along the coastline- note to self to start heading that direction.

Anyway, the weekend kicked off good. Last night was Beth & James' bday get together at Wine Steals. I'd never been there and loved it! The food looked delish & the wine kept flowin' so will make a plan to revisit soon!

The season hasn't really started (right?!) so I had a few glasses :)

Today was an early start for a mini run on the treadmill and straight to swim practice. Thankfully after the warm up I remembered coach had told me to include a 30min straight swim for distance because the main set sounded too similar to Friday's. So I hopped into my own lane and got that taken care of.

After breakfast it was off to the Expo, then came home and crashed into a 2hr nap! Ahh soo wonderful. Tonight, I'll be having dinner with my friend Katherine and her husband who came in from Arizona for the race. I met Katherine back in July when I visited the CEEPO gang. See, Gus, who works for CEEPO, also manages a tri coaching company with his wife Bettina called Racelab, so in the weekend I spent there we did some training with there group of which Katherine's a member. I kept in touch with a lot of them and was happy to catch up again during Ironman Arizona.

Tomorrow should be fun and beautiful as the rain has finally cleared out! However, I do suspect slightly cooler temps...Another reminder to look for Tawnee and I after the race to donate your race shirts for Haiti.