Monday, January 25, 2010

A good start

Sunday's Half went well. Although I paced it like a total rookie, I'll take that 1:30with a smile on my face at this point in the season. What we perceive as flat on a bike definitely changes once you're running that's for sure! Those rollers along the Carlsbad coast made for some good hurtin'.
It was chilly at the start- low 40s, but we couldn't have asked for a better day- light winds, sunny, & clear as can be. It's always enjoyable to come up to, or be caught by other runners and motivate each other along the way. I had two guys in the middle of the race that I exchanged words of encouragement with, and a girl the last 1-2mi that accompanied me to a fun "sprint" at the finish.

Today's a much needed day OFF, which is good because I can finish some extra work to free myself for the wk ahead, and take care of errands, among them getting the oil changed in my car that's about to die on me.

This week will be gnarly, and in turn a blast :) I've got the Swami's ride that's made a permanent mark on my schedule on Wednesdays, and two other longish ones for the wknd with some long runs after each- should be a good challenge!

Friday be sure to stop by the Tri Expo in San Diego!!! I'll be with CEEPO roughly the whole day (11am-7pm).

Saturday I debated getting a ticket for the Endurance Sports Awards, but with the upcoming trip to Canada and other race fees left to pay, it's just not worth it. Plus, it looks as though my Team and I wil be getting together for dinner up in OC- no offense ESA's but that sounds way more fun ;)

No racing this weekend, but am already signed up for Xterra Mission Gorge 15km trail run on Sun Feb 7 which I am thrilled about. I just loooove running trail and this will be my first trail race! I'll be doing that one & Black Mountain in March.

The week after it's off to Victoria for some a** whoopin' (where I'll be the lucky victim hehe).