Friday, January 8, 2010


Starting this year 3 friends and I- Sara Davis, Lauren Chiodini, and Tawnee Prazak- will be racing for/represented by RAHA SPORTS (
We're very excited about this opportunity as we feel that being young women in such a fast growing sport, gives us a platform to promote health, fitness, and social responsability to both older and younger generations.
Our key mission is to align ourselves with companies that understand the significant relationship between our environment, sport, and well being. We're driven not just by love for triathlon, competition, and to achieve our utmost potential, but also by the desire to be a strong force in the green movement.
Our sponsors for 2010 and beyond are still in the making, and we look forward to establishing relationships both inside and outside the multisports industry. Given that we're all in our early 20's, we have plenty of time to inflict change and fulfill our role as leaders.
Look out for us at an event near you ;)!