Saturday, June 6, 2009


I think I jinxed myself with my last post. Today was a mix of pain #1 and 3, actually more like the positive pain #3. I went out with my coach and Jaakko on what was supposed to be a 3ish hr easy to steady ride. We took the bike path from Oceanside inland to 76 and rode the loop around Olive Hill and back. Well, my excitement of being back on the saddle pain free led me to not be able to wait until 8am and hit the road at 6. I rolled out down to La Costa and down PCH to Honey's Bakery to grab a coffee. After browsing the boring local paper, I got back on the bike and still had another hr to kill before 8. So I continued easy along the coast until making it to Oceanside. The ride turned out to be mod-hard in some parts and total for the day I clocked 5hrs- OOPS! Uhhm, either not doing this length of a ride in 1+months or the fact that I raced Honu last week resulted in me feeling like SHIT after haha.
Anyways, at 4:50 I had the choice of continuing up to Leucadia st and home or stopping at the health store for salty lunch. The latter sounded more than awesome, so I did just that. Then I continued sitting there for about an hr and a half before finally getting back on the last 10min uphill home.
Got home, showered, ate again, drank some raw veggies and took a nap. I still feel like my legs are crumbling to pieces and I could not rescue a goldfish that fell out of his tiny bowl (and I'm also delirious and coming up with stupid jokes/analogies).
So I think I need to recover.