Thursday, June 4, 2009

3 Kinds of Pain

1) The greatest kind- where you're fit and in great training rythm. This type of pain can come through a hard session, or during racing where it hurts but hurts oh so good. You're just tired and digging so deep but getting huge gratification at the same time. It's more a fun-twisted mental struggle. Everything hurts but that's the reason you love sport.

2) The first of the two bad pains. It comes as a result of injury. This is the pain you experience when something is screaming to stop, not from fatigue but simply because it's hurt.

3) The second of the two bad pains. This one sucks worse than injury because you have to choose to submit yourself to this awful humbling pain. It can only be good if done in training while seeking higher fitness. In that case it's the precursor of pain #1. It comes when you're out of shape and trying to do something that your body feels so inept at. Think fat lazy kid in PE class. If your stubborn, like me, you'll put yourself through this kind of pain in a race and suffer the consequences of feeling like you really should bail or not have shown up at all.

That's my little school of thought for the day.

Back in San Diego...

I don't know how but suddenly I just moved, it all happened Wednesday by 10am, pretty efficient :) I did a little run and gym session that day with a major nap in between. Then finished off the day with Gavyn's baseball game where they totally killed and made it to Championships!

Today I swam masters for just 30mins then got in a great run mid morning on the trails and followed that with a ride up to Oceanside and back with Jakko- he's roughyl my age, from Finland and staying with a friend from masters, Beth, for a couple weeks to train. They were all at Hawaii 70.3 so we met then. It's cool to meet people my age that are as crazy for this sport as I am.

Anyway, after that I took a nap and just got back from massage. Lovely!

Tomorrow's going to be fun as a reporter for the Latin TV station Univision is coming down from L.A. to interview me. Pretty sweet :)

I'm still waiting for the moving van as right now my apartment is quite blank. That should get here early next week at the latest (hopefully) and then my bro gets here next Sunday! Yippee :)

Training is rolling this week. All easy short stuff just to keep moving and make sure the knee is solid. So far so good.

Well that's the short scoop.