Sunday, June 21, 2009

Don't want to jinx it, but...

I'm sooo excited that today marks 2 weeks of solid training with practically zero knee problems. I say "practically" because a few times running or cycling I'll feel it but nothing to hinder my training. I love the feeling of rollinig through a heavy training block! Next week will be another big week and then stepping it down a bit so I can go into Carlsbad ready to finally GO in a race. I just need a good race sometime before Kona- last one was Surf City Half....waaaay back in February.
It's been helpful to have my brother here because his constant "When is swimming? Can we swim again? Lets go run! Lets go ride! You're soooo slow!! C'mmon pick it up!!" portrays a miniature (and slightly annoying) coach that's with me 24/7. He's been loving it here which I'm obviously super happy about. I had him try a club swim program as it's slightly longer practice than masters and with kids his age but he didn't like it too much (kind of overcrowded and not much coach-attention). So he'll be sticking with masters. I had a kick out of watching him jump into lane 1 and totally cruise it when 2 years ago I would lap him in a pool and I might never ever be able to swim in that damn lane :( hehe, ahhh the ease of adaptation/learning in youth. Oh to be little again.
He met a cool guy at swim who's son is his age and they run XC Mon & Thurs at Rancho or Moonlight Beach. He went this past Thurs and really enjoyed it so it's good for him to have some guys to run with. I'm definitely not able to sprint his jog so will not even attempt.
On another exciting note, Daniel will be racing San Diego International next weekend in the Pro wave! How cool is that? See, that's why I freakin' love our sport- where else would a 15yr old amateur get to race his idols? It's like me getting to play a match against Hingis when I was in High School. Badass!!
So since I won't be racing 1) didn't sign up on time 2) too much $$ 3) not quite ready to lay it down with my knee in an Oly..........I'll be spectating him and some other friends. Now that I'm healthy, I can cheer without jealousy :)
So that's about all that's been going on, I really have zero outside "entertainment" which is awesome (to me at least). Yesterday I rolled 4hrs with Kristin, Colleen, and Beth on some 'ghetto'-Kristin called it that not me- version of the old 395 loop I hadn't done since 2007 and that turned out to be a fun solid ride.
Today I hae a 1hr run which I'll do on the coast trails as my brother hasn't seen those yet- hope he understands/listens to my instructions....and then mid morning masters.
I'm looking forward to tracking IM CDA today as well, best of luck to Julie D!!