Friday, June 12, 2009

2 days till my brother comes!

This week has been rolling awesome. I'm back to feeling close to fit, and running is going super. Swimming is the only thing that I guess my body rebelled against after all the pool visits it got in May thanks to my injury.
Yesterday I went 3hrs on the bike feeling the best I've felt since early April, which is saying a lot! Tomorrow will be another 3-4, possibly with KP and I just cannot get enough of being back out on the roads of N. County :)

My bro gets in Sunday....YAY!! I've registered us for Carslbad Sprint, where he says he will "eat me alive". Haha, probably, but as well he should, right?! It will be great to race almost every weekend July to August. Right now I know for sure it's Carlsbad and Strawberry Fields- Oly for me.

On the home front, my furniture has yet to arrive!! WTF? Murphy's Law they'll come Saturday which will mean I'll be out training through the early afternoon causing a delivery problem. I really wish they could just come today. Since I haven't had all of the moving to organize, I've been keeping busy with my LSAT studies and going through all of the Hills episodes I never saw.