Friday, June 6, 2008


It's only 3:45am right now haha so I guess I'm still functioning on Dallas time. Yesterday afternoon I got into Vancouver. Luckily I ran into a friend from Dallas that's also racing and he and his wife were kind enough to give me a ride to my hotel. I LOVE MY HOTEL. I'm at the Hyatt Regency and the room is gorgeous not to mention the location. Vancouver is an awesome city! Yesterday I couldn't see too much of it as I unpacked, etc and it was cold/rainy all evening. Since everything's walking distance, very NYish, I headed over to one of the Mexican team director's hotel to pick up my race uniform and other stuff. But I forgot she told me she would leave it in the front desk for me so when I got there and she was not in her room, I left and yea made the walk there for nothing! At least I got to check out the cool little shops/cafes/restaurants on Robson St hehe.
After that I came back to the hotel for a hot shower and went to dinner with a friend from Mexico City, he's not racing, but goes to the University here. Dinner was awesome, we landed at an Italian place called CinCin and I had a really good risotto. Then went back to the hotel and pretty much fell asleep immediately.
Today on my schedule is a 30min ez run (more of a jog), 30min swim, and 1hr spin. I've decided to run on the treadmill at the hotel fitness center as soon as it opens, or as soon as it is a reasonable hour for someone sane to be running on the treadmill and 4am doesn't sound like it. It's sooooo cold outside and coming from 90 degree weather that we've had in Dallas I'm very worried. My friend and I plan on riding around 10am, but the forecast says it's going to rain all day and if that's the case then I'm going to bag that workout because there's no point in being out wet/cold the day before, or risk falling, or getting a flat on my new tires(99% of the flats I've had were in rain). Then comes the's 53 degree water. Someone said they might change it to a 900m swim. I'd be thrilled about that if it were some local meaningless race, but Worlds? Uhhm no, I didn't fly all the way up here to freeze my a** off and race an unoffical distance. So as much as I'd enjoy not being cold that long, if I'm going to suffer anyway, let's have it be worth it to its max. I'm hoping to find a bike shop close to the hotel because I forgot arm warmers and that looks like it will be a must for tomorrow.
Anyway, I'm happy to have made it in fine, had a good flight, and all looks ready for race day.

P.S. A warning to report to anyone flying on American Airlines'll now pay for check-in luggage(!!!), and bike boxes (at least to Canada) are $100 each way. If that's not a sign of our economic crisis I don't know what is.