Tuesday, June 17, 2008

2 week HIM training

That is in terms of pure focus on Lubbock since, yea, I have been consistently training all year. After Vancouver it was one day off and my schedule immediately jumped into an intense long week. I think this is really cool- to take 2 weeks and physically and mentally focus to an uber degree. This week is equal to, if not harder than last, no days off. Coach and I agreed to forgoe waiting until the off season to isolate my swim/run, and especially the swim that hasn't really come around as quickly as I wanted, and really kick it up NOW. I love big running mileage and the hurt of intervals and track sessions so I'm pumped. The swim...well, my arms are either gonna fall off or yield the desired result :) My cycling will probably suffer a little but it's two steps forward one step back.
Anyway, since my brother's here training with me it's making getting through tough workouts easier and he's there to push me when I might slow down on my own. Now I'm chasing him in all three sports, a month ago it was only the swim and run, but apparently a week of cycling outside (in SA he only used the spin room), and he kicks my ass.
Only two 2hr rides this wk and three 1hrs with hill repeats on Saturday with the group followed by a 1mi run TT...of course lots of swimming (6X) and running with track Thursday. Sunday I was DEAD and luckily squeezed in a massage yesterday to get me through the week...I needed that bad! Next week I know it'll feel awesome to get through this excellent block of workouts and absorb it all in the few easier days prior to the race.
As of now the plan is to leave Saturday morning and head back Sunday after the race/awards. It'll be a long 5hr drive back home :) and I'll post a race report after.