Saturday, June 7, 2008

Survivor: Vancouver

OMG, that was an experience!
First off, I'm glad to say that overall I had a great day out there.
The conditions were tough for everyone, but since I particularly don't thrive in the cold am very happy with my race.
The water felt like an ice bath. After about 500-600m, or roughly halfway...the swim ended up being about 1k or 1.1k...the water started to get pretty choppy. Apparently it progressed throughout the event because someone told me the 40+ male categories got their race turned into a duathlon since boats couldnt even control themselves and were hitting swimmers.
I have never been so overjoyed to reach land!!! I fumbled a little on the shore being numb from my knees down. On the bike, it was actually quite pleasant; the trees all around blocked any wind so I was able to get my body temp up to a comfortable place. I felt great on the bike and made up a lot of time from coming out of the water in the middle pack...especially on the flat sections and downhills, man I love riding downhill into corners :) Onto the run...toes were numb for about 2k. It was 3 loops and I was feeling stronger each time. My legs felt like they hadn't just biked. The lead girls were flying and i knew some of them from natl's and collegiate nat's (at least the USA ones) so their runs + awesome swim times, had me standing no chance of making up positions over a 10k. I did want to pee pretty bad (sorry for being so blunt but it's triathlon so yea hehe) but obviously stopping to use the portapotty in an oly takes a lot from your race vs in an ironman or half were the time spent is worth it to feel good for running; so that was kind of annoying. Anyway, I had a great race, and gave all that was in me. Unfortunately the splits aren't up yet as I'm eager to see where I lost the most time. Back to work when I get home, keeping on the focus of progressing the swim the most, secondly the run, and maintaining my bike speed for now.
After the race i changed quickly and had brunch at the best place i have ever eaten in my life bar none- the Fish House. I'd be happy to sit there all my life waiting for the next meal to come haha ;)
Now I'm back at the hotel so thought I'd post a quick report before I take the biggest nap of my life.
Congrats to everyone who not only finished the race, but even started it!