Sunday, June 8, 2008

Bring on the heat!

So this year's worlds is now a thing of the past. This afternoon I fly back home to Dallas and as much as I enjoyed Canada and learned a lot over the weekend, I'm elated to return to Texas summer :)
Ahmed sent me this week's schedule and I'm ready to work the increased volume. Two three hour rides this week and 3 other 1hr-2hrs...I'll be taking my brother on the South Ride as that's a little over 2hrs plus a loop around White Rock and back home makes 3. For Sunday we'll join the RBM peeps to make things a little more interesting. 5 much needed swims, the usual Track Thursday, 2x weights (yay!!!), and another of the weekend open water swims at Joe Pool with the group followed by an hr run (hopefully along the infamous dam).
In two weeks I'll be at beautiful Lubbock, TX haha for the 70.3. Everything about that race seems like it was created just for me- heat, hills, distance. I'm hoping for the hottest day of the yr with no clouds :)
It'll be fun to see what isolating myself into short course for the past couple of months does to my long distance performance. I'm hoping that I don't get my pacing all messed up from going out to the run as if it were a 10k or sprint haha, that would be an ugly ending. Also, though I've been trouble-free nutrition wise at all previous races, not having trained with any gatorade, cabro pro, etc since Ironman,(the only sport products I've used are like 2-3 powergels IN races), has me a little concerned that my stomach may freak out. So this week and the next I'll be re-introducing my body to that good o'l engineered stuff...after all, they say we're a quickly-adaptable species. The lovely fact is that the whole day I'll be in my comfort zone and a happy mind usually produces great physical results, at least I'm banking on it hehe. Plus a number of Dallas/Ft. Worth people will be there either racing or spectating along with friends from Austin and Houston which will make it even better.