Friday, November 9, 2007

ideal semester

Ha, one more week until yet another break from school- Thanksgiving. The geniouses behind the academic calendar decided it was best to eliminate our fall break (2 days off at the beginning of October) and opted instead to add those days to our Thanksgiving holiday. Perfect! So, that plus no classes on Fridays yields 10 days of training heaven.

Since my family is from Mexico, we don't celebrate Thanksgiving- that is in the strict sense of making it a requirement to get together. It was enough chaos when I was little to head down to Mexico City for x-mas and partake in the drama that unfolds as my hundreds of family members unite...Irish, Spanish, and Italian get the picture. My parents, little brother, and I do however take advantage of the excuse to eat the massive piles of turkey and stuffing and usually do so at a restaurant as my mom can't scramble an egg, my dad can't exceed grilling, and though I pride myself in thinking I could pull off a decent turkey, would rather have it made for me.

Last year, a group of my friends from S. America (who also obviosuly don't celebrate Thanksgiving either) got together at my apartment in Dallas and had our own version of this holiday consisting of 80% wine 20% food :)

This year, my family is comng up to visit me (they live in San Antonio) for a couple of days- I've convinced them all to do the Turkey Trot with me that morning. So nothing too exciting, which is good- more training time.

After the break the semester nears the end as follows: 1 boring week, my birthday week (yes, I celebrate my birthday all week!), finals week....END!

Looking back, it's been an amazing semester, I haven't been in school almost at all. Not because I'm lazy....I had Ironman going on people, that justifies everything ;)

I started school at the end of August, then spent 4 days training with my friends Lisa Preeg and Sierra Snyder in Austin (also Kona qualifiers and stellar finishers!!). That was followed by a week back out in San Diego training at the end of September- not the greatest of "vacations" as I got the worst case of food poisoning, actually sickness in general, that I've ever had. But, still, it was time off. Finally, came the 10 days in Hawaii- my absolute favorite place!!!

So, I really can't complain, it has been an awesome year, particularly since summer. Now I just have to fight my way to good grades given all I've missed, and head to Austin for winter break!!!! I'll be staying with one of my good friends and her roomates who all go to UT. Yay, can't wait!!