Thursday, November 15, 2007

BRRRR....a cold day and my trip to the courthouse

Hello winter. I dread this time of year so when the weather peeps announced we would be in the 40s this morning I prayed that they'd be wrong- as they are 99% of the time. Well, nope, they hit it spot on.

Because of school and a court date to pay a ticket I got before leaving for Kona for my expired State Inspection Sticker, I had the choice of riding my easy 2hrs on the trainer from 5-7am or outside after the trip to see the judge. I decided to wait, as it was predicted to be in the low 60s by noon and I can manage that weather.

So, my court appointment was for 1:30 but that would mean I wouldn't be riding my bike until about 2:30 so I thought I'd get there a little early- 1pm. That didn't do me any good because they do everything "by-the-book" and if your appointment is at a certain time it doesn't matter that it's not busy at all- you can't see the judge until then. GREAT! So as I imagined, I was walking out of the court at 2:15, to be on my bike at 2:30.

Was my trip to see the judge in person vs. pay the full ticket by mail worth it? NO!! Instead of $143, I paid a mere $118 haha they only took off $25 because "the rest are court fees ma'am". The last thing I do is check my inspection sticker. If it were a sticker on my bike- that would be different. My car though, let's just say it's a miracle it still works. Whatever.

I'm proud of not getting on the trainer even in the afternoon because 60s with freezing wind is not fun. But I have brainwashed myself for months that winter has to be my friend until I win the lottery and can afford to live part time in Australia or Hawaii :)

People from cold places would have laughed if they'd seen me riding with undershirt & underpants (my awesome Hot Chilis undies that I wear snow skiing!), long sleeve shirt, jacket, pants on top of the undies, gloves, and double socks. My feet still got numb!

As for now, I'm enjoying the warmth of my condo and my bowl of hot oatmeal! It would be cool if global warming actually had a literal effect on my section of the earth.