Wednesday, October 31, 2007

"Off Season"

Well, after two weeks of r&r after Ironman, Hawaii, I finally started to move my lazy butt this week. The race definitely took a hard toll on my body and I know that those two weeks, if not more, were the right prescription. But, after being in such great shape for months, and having the daily routine of multitasking everyday life with training, it's hard to fall back into absolute nothingness and pure school work.
Mentally, I was beginning to worry about getting used to not working out, and seeing (or at least feeling) like you're turning into play dough after all that hard work is not comforting haha.

Anyhow, I had heard of post-Ironman depression so wrote out my goals for 2008 well before the race. This was good and bad. Good in that it provided something to look forward to after IM, but bad in that after 4-5 days of rest and feeling human again, I was dying to kick start my training.

It was sad to have Hawaii be over. For me, the great journey that I was so lucky to experience leading up to the race, was the greatest loss of all. As well, this Monday I heard from Heather about my request to have her continue coaching me for the coming season. Unfortunately, she is really busy with other jobs and her own training and racing- something that I totally understand and respect. So, this added to my sadness, but my desperation to find a coach a.s.a.p. who was willing and has the skills to help me fulfill my aspiration in triathlon, made me move quickly and efficiently without dwelling on what I cannot control.

I went into deep thought for hours in my house wondering who I could contact that would match Heather's incredible experience, care, and attention to me during my training. I did not want to pay an online program as most, if not all, are generic schedules and as well, I knew I needed someone who could monitor my training constantly and in detail.

So, I arrived at Ahmed Zaher's door. Ahmed is an extremely well recognized coach in Texas, as well as around the nation. I knew him since I started triathlon but never sought his help 1) because I thought he was too busy with other clients and 2) because, as many of us often do, I didn't think what I had in my own backyard was the best- I thought I needed to seek the big names in the industry in order to get good coaching.

After going to his house, a lost mess that I was, we went over everything that has happened in my triathlon life thus far, and have set new plans/goals for my future. As such, I will take this next season and focus on shorter races (running, du's, swim meets, olys, sprints) to gain speed, strategy, and mental toughness. Though I had planned to do this for 2008, I will now continue on this path for a good 4-5 more years, hoping to develop into a solid ITU athlete.

I love the Ironman distance, but for that reason I think it's smart to put that on hold and save my body so that when I do return to Ironman I can achieve what I aspire to in that field.

Well, it's Halloween today, and I'm off to celebrate.
Just thought I'd update as I slowly begin my off season training.