Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Perception is Reality

This title is the name of my cousin's blog (www.iampawichiz.blogspot.com), but I had to steal it for this post because I cannot think of a more appropriate phrase to go along with my approach/mindset leading into Cozumel, and all other aspects of my life.

Reality truly is what we make it. I have said it numerous times before, your mentality going into an Ironman dictates more than anything else how your race will pan out. The same goes for an interview, a trip, a date, a job presentation, your first day at a new school, etc. The way you feel inside, portrays outwardly. It affects your demeanor, and exudes a positive or negative energy which others pick up on, and thus YOU create the vibe of the environment around you.

The key perspective of an athlete is that which he/she holds of his/herself. So there are two questions: How do I feel? How am I performing?

Since Kona, my plan was basically 2 rest weeks, 2 build weeks, 2 mellow-ish weeks,& race. Right now is the beginning of the first of 2 easy weeks that culminate with race day Nov 28.

I have gone through a rollercoaster of emotions: feeling like s&h*T the first week post Kona...feeling back to normal the second week as I was just eating & sleeping with minimal "training"....feeling invincible the 3rd week (1st build week) with a lot of quality sessions and longer rides/runs in summer SoCal weather...then back to feeling like DEATH at the end of build wk1....and finally feeling good to go throughout this last build wk into taper.

Despite how I've felt outside of training, in the sessions themselves I've consistently felt awesome. Once I warm up, my fitness indicates that it's better than ever. So that is the main thing that is keeping me confident.

Because I've also let go of the anal approach to getting ready for IM- meaning I have not held back from going out, eating whatever the heck I feel like, drinking, and staying up late, I feel a lot more relaxed. I kept saying "last time, tomorrow I'll get serious". But honestly, why? Serious is boring, and forced, and unhappy. Fun is chill and energizing.

My motto is: funner, fatter, and ironically fitter.

It feels good that I've listened to my body and given myself a mental break. I'm heavier going into Cozumel than Kona, but I am a lot stronger. Before Arizone last year, I was so afraid to put on weight post Hawaii that by depriving myself of much needed fuel, half way through the bike on race day I was famished. I never eat solid food during a race, but I downed 3 powerbars in a heartbeat, and paid for it on the run.

Not this time :) I'm now an eating machine on the bike, and I know that all it will take for me to pull out a better race than in Kona is to hold myself together mentally, and have luck on my side in terms of mechanicals, a potential crash, or any other facotr outside of my control.

I'm ready to race, I'm excited to see my family, and more than anything else, I'm looking forward to closing 2010 on a stellar note and relaxing on the beach until 2011!

Just like my little brother who has been working his a** off this whole year and riding the extremeties of training/racing these last few weeks through cross country season, I am ready for some time OFF.

All of December I want the freedom of waking up with my only goals being: find the ripest fruit, perfect my tan, swim through coral, laugh abundantly, and enjoy all that Cancun has to offer at night ;)

Best of luck to all my peeps ending the year with AZ or COZ! Give it everything you have to earn that time off and bounce back even stronger for the following season!