Friday, November 5, 2010

2011 Preview

First off, the most exciting thing on tap for 2011 is that I'll be joining 11 other badass girls, that are already really good friends and training partners, in the Nytro Women Racing Team. I'm stoked to be part of such a great group that constantly pushes boundaries and inspires others in multisport and life.

Secondly, here's my tentative 2011 schedule:

Jan/Feb- A couple of Xterra Trail Runs and possibly a Half Marathon (San Dieguito?)

March (whole month)- Lifesport Camp in Noosa, Australia

April 10th- Galveston, TX 70.3

May 1st- Wildflower Half Ironman

June 4th- Hawaii 70.3

June 28(ish)- San Diego International

July (early)- Carlsbad Sprint

July 17th- Vineman 70.3

August- some short local race

September 11- 70.3 Worlds Lake Las Vegas

October 8- Ironman World Championship

November (late)- Ironman Cozumel