Monday, November 1, 2010

One last time, I swear.

This past weekend included my favorite Holiday- Halloween. It's not that I'm some closet dark-freak. I just love Halloween because it's independent of religion (unless you're opposed to it because you think it's Satanically infused, in which case you're way too conservative in my book), and it's just a cool way to let loose and have fun....oh yes, and a fabulous excuse to indulge in chocolate :)

So, I had asked Kristin to let me throw a Halloween party. Growing up my aunt used to throw the most AMAZING Halloween parties- her house was seriously like walking through a Haunted Mansion at Universal Studios. Kristin obliged as long as I did all/most of the set up. No problem! I did a pretty good job decorating, though it could've been a little more over the top but some of the props are just not worth the money.

We had a good turn out- a few people forgot to check the date- party was Fri...Susanne and her husband hilariously showed up Saturday while we were just casually sitting at the kitchen table. Their bewilderment was classic.

Anyway, that night was my last buzz until after Cozumel. The following day Caroline kicked my a** in the pool and I was smashed the entire afternoon. Still yesterday running my longest run- long loop of the Ranch, 11ish miles with Beth and I was DEAD. So there was no going out for me on actual Halloween.

Back at it for real this morning with a 90% anaerobic swim. A big week ahead. I'm ready, excited, and totally mentally refreshed.