Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Ironman Hawaii #3

It's hard to believe I'm in Kona, again, for the World Championship. I feel fit, strong, healthy, and more importantly very happy with the season and life in general. Ironman is one of those things that if you're not in a good mental state going in, you're sorta, well, screwed.
You have to know why you're there, and your motivation for training and racing has to stem from a positive source within you. You must be at peace with, and confident of your preparation, execution plan, and thankful to all those around you that helped you get to to that start line. This is a very selfish sport but one which we cannot do alone.
I'm there, and it feels great.
For the first time racing Ironman, I can honestly say that I'm not concerned with anyone else's race but my own. I respect the others racing, many of which are friends of mine, that are incredibly talented. But I recently read in the book "The Secret" (aka The Law of Attraction) that as soon as you turn something into a competition, your focus/energy has shifted in large part toward another person(s) and thus you have sacrificed your maximum potential. Your focus & energy needs to be solely on yourself. Especially for an Ironman where your mind is largely responsible for the outcome of YOUR race.
For the remainder of this week, I'm chilling in my condo as people slowly start to arrive and the excitement builds. Next Monday I'll move in with Sierra & her family to a lovely house and rest up for what's in store on Saturday :)
Thank you to my family, my coach, my sponsors (Newton, Nytro, Beaker Concepts, & Powerbar), and my amazing friends/support crew (you know who you are)!
The plan is to swim hard, bike hard, and run like I stole it ;)