Monday, April 5, 2010

Black Eyed Peas

...was a lot of fun! LMFAO & Ludacris were the intro performances & they kicked A**!

A pic of us before we stood up & got crazy ;) ....I didn't get any shots of the actual show cuz the iphone just didn't cut it.

Not much else to talk about- tapering this week leading into Sunday's race & lovin it! A good swim this morning & I'm done for the day :D My focus is on deep prayer to influence the forecast that currently reads rainy & cold for race day.

Speaking of mother nature....yesterday I felt my firs earthquake! It lasted like 30sec & like a total idiot, my first reaction was to check facebook (to verify I wasn't crazy) & google "earthquake what to do"- my school drills growing up in TX covered fire, tornadoes, lockups/shootings, but not earthquakes....& for some reason I forgot the important skills I've learned on survival shows on the Discovery Channel :/

Anyway, no harm done here, thankfully, just a good heart racing experience!