Monday, December 7, 2009

The Office

Today will be my first trip down to the Sun Loan office. For two weeks I'll be doing some hands on training & meeting all of the Brundage Management folks. I'm excited!
This week I'm easing back into what you could actually call training vs. working out. I haven't run since early last week when my legs & joints were screaming after 10min. My rides are all on the trainer while in San Antonio- I just cannot get out in <50F weather unless it's for an epic/long ride & I'm only doing 2hrs or less right now. Plus, I'm spoiled now & feel unsafe without a bike lane and at least the confidence that drivers are used to seeing cyclists- here you're an anomaly that should get "the hell out of the road!!"
I found a masters program because the pool at my club, The Spectrum, is heated for sr citizens & babies, it's like 90degrees! So after a ride on the trainer this morning I'm off to the JCC for M.O.S.T (masters of S. TX). After work (damn that sounds strange), I'll attempt a 30min run.
Saturday's my brother's bday as well as the company Holiday party for which there have been too many people running in and out of my house the past 2 weeks setting up for. Unfortunately for me, there's not gonna be anyone my age- just a couple of my brother's teenage friends, and the 40+yr old party-invites. My mom scared me when she tried to hire a dj and hinted that they might be dancing. First off the dj talked at one million mph, loud/obnoxious character. Second, I wouldn't be choosing the music, obviously :( hehe. Plus side is there'll be amazing catering and by then I'll be done with the juicing part of my "fast" so I'll be able to take full advantage!
Alright, time to get on the bike. Happy Monday!