Saturday, July 12, 2008

you know you're a true cyclist when...

You've broken your collar bone! At least that's my positive outlook on the situation- now I'm offically a rider :)
After spending my entire morning in the hospital (7:30am- 12pm), I've started a new plan before Chicago.
First off, it's important to note that my bike is perfect! I can be fixed, it can't. My mistake began when I decided to do my 3hr interval ride before my 1hr run. On saturdays and Sundays I always opt to ride in the afternoon after all the millions of runners have fled White Rock Lake.
But, I wanted to do my run in the heat of the day on tired legs, and I wanted my intervals done on fresh legs, and get the long workout done with. BAAAAD call.
Not even a loop into the ride, roughly 30mins from the time I left my house, I'm riding on the East side of the lake, and sure enough there's a running race about to happen along with dozens of training groups that have forgotten to preach the most fundamental rule of running: WHEN A BIKE YELLS ON YOUR LEFT, OR YOU'RE TOLD THERE'S A BIKER COMING, MOOOOVE TO THE RIIIIGGGGHHHHTTTTT!!!!!! But, no, just as they do in a car, they stay on the left side, or better yet completely cut across TO THE LEFT!
So that's what happened. A brilliant man decided to jump across to the left side of the golf cart wide path and I ran into him at roughly 25mph with zero time to break. I went flying over him and landed on my left hip/low back and some how took enough force on my right shoulder to brake my clavicle.
I lay there in horrible pain, of course the runner left before I even realized what happened, and some nice people gathered to call an ambulance and see how I was doing. Thank God I wore my helmet. IF YOU HAVEN'T LEARNED YOUR OWN LESSON, TAKE MY ACCIDENT AS ONE, AND NEVER EVER EVER EVER GO ON A RIDE WITHOUT A HELMET!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mine cracked on the back and without it that would have been adios to my skull.
The ambulance came and I was extremely worried that my pelvis or hip had been fractured. In fact, not until the x-rays did I know I had a broken collarbone. I ruled that out as a tight shoulder that just needed some ice and eventually a painful massage.
But on the contrary, my low back and butt are just bruised and swollen as hell and my shoulder is screwed for a couple of weeks. This is not great to hear a month before my A race and when swimming is my weakness. But everything happens for a reason. If anything, I'm thankful to be able to stand and heck, at least I can ride and run!!!
My plan for Chicago.....water run this afternoon (I was so pissed that I didn't even get say 2hrs at least of intervals!) and the next 2-3 days to let the swelling and bruising on my back subside. Do all my rides from here until Chicago on the trainer. This will actually work to my advantage as I believe strongly in the benefits of the trainer and now I'm forced to do it every time! Hopefully I can run on the ground without much pain to my shoulder after a couple of days, if not more water running. I'll be swimming 30mins at a time kicking, fins, or pull boey and just keeping a feel for the water, doing rotation drills, etc all with my hands to my side as I can't lift the right one. Work extra extra extra on core and back strength. Get in the gym for cord exercises, and lower body stuff is ok. Lots of stretching, ice, rest, glucosamine and chondrotin, calcium rich foods, raw vegetable juices, and sleep!!
The nurses and doctors were extremely kind and I plan on going back tomorrow with a card and some chocolates to thank them for being so amazing to me. I usually have a bad feeling toward hospitals hehe.
My mom is driving in tomorrow to come get me and I'll be with them until school resumes. Hopefully I can heal and be able to swim for Chicago.
Mind over matter-