Tuesday, January 25, 2011

First block of 2011 DONE

Things are going very well right now. Sunday I ran the Carlsbad Half Marathon, and though I didn't even come close to a PR, let alone break 1:30 (1:33), I am content knowing that I ran the best that I could on that day and after a tremendous 3 week build back into training.

I've tried not to sit still at all except on key recovery days and after 4ish- if I'm not s/b/r'ing you can find me on the tennis court! Bedtimes have been in the 7-8:30pm range which is grand. Sleep is great and I'm eating close to perfect.

The weather in San Diego has been spectacular- 70's by 10am pretty much this whole month! We are very lucky to live here...or smart.

There's really nothing exciting to report. I'm not going to Noosa for camp in March- it's too expensive, gets in the way of any work I have to do, and is a little sketchy immigration wise. Hopefully I get to go to Tucson, as that is another fantastic camp.

February will be cool. Our Nytro Women's team is heading to Palm Springs for that century/half mary weekend of the 11&12. Then I head to Vegas with Tawnee and Sara for the Black Keys concert the following weekend- stoked on that short escapade as I've never been to Vegas :)

I may sneak in Galveston 70.3 early April, but if not, there's no triathlon-ing in my radar until May.

That's my incredibly thrilling life for ya ;)