Tuesday, November 24, 2009

what now?!

Well for a while- NOTHING! :D
My plan is to take 1mth off structured/triathlon-focused training. I plan to play quite a bit of squash, dial in on gym work (core, balance, overall weights), and just have fun day by day.
I'll start with one week of absolutely no activity. I'll keep up with swimming especially because that's the easiest thing to do in the winter and I'll have my brother's club team back home to kick my butt- however only max 4x/wk.
My main focus will be running through late March. Although I have no running background, I consider it my strength and would like to give it special attention for a couple mths.
I've got some races in mind for nxt yr- the only two that are set in stone are Vineman which I just registered for and, of course, Kona. I'd like to go do Honu again it just falls at a really good time in the yr and refreshes my mind/body on racing in Hawaii.
I start training for my job late next week and am very excited to contribute to my Stepdad's company- Sun Loan. It will add great balance to my life and keep me at peace with the financial and immigration areas of my future.
Hope everyone has a fab Thanksgiving :D