Friday, November 6, 2009

End of Yr Juice Fast

I'm sick again- cold returned Thursday morning after a great training day wed where Caroline G and I had a solid AM swim, followed by a 3hr strong ride out to the Base end & back, & finished off with a trun. I thought I was golden on that day's end but it turns out my body is too weak.
Ever since I stopped eating like crap in high school my junior yr I've been focused on living as healthy a lifestyle as possible. That's one of the reasons I got into triathlon in the first place. However, it can be argued that long term endurance training and Ironman racing is not exactly healthy.
At the end of the yr, if not by the middle of a heavy season, our immune system, adrenals, and hormones get places under a lot of stress and get totally out of balance. That's why it's so important that we recover right- eat good foods, get good sleep, have ez or days off, etc.
It's been a while since I got a cold- and this year I've had two less than 3 months apart- the most recent lasting now 10 days and not going away!
So that's it! Enough is enough! I've wanted to do a juice fast for a loooong time. In fact I event tried it one time with my mom only to last 2 days. This time however, I see a much greater need and long term benefit associated with finishing the fast.
I plan to do it after Thanksgiving, first because I love Thanksgiving food, and second because it falls a couple of days after IMAZ.
My body would really appreciate it right now but there's no way I could properly carry it out so close to AZ.
The fast will go like this: 4 days of only raw vegetables & fruits, 4 days raw fruit & veg juice fast, 4 days of reintroducins fruits & vegetables in solid form, and then gradually over the course of 3-5 days introducing bland foods like brown rice, quinoa, beans, yogurt, eggs, etc.
In total it's about 2wks including the adaptation before and after periods so you can see why it's important that I do it at a time when I won't be nearly as physically active. Plus there'd be no point in fasting right now only to load my body with gu, bars, sports drinks, coke, caffeine, etc on race day- YUK!
If anyone wants to join me let me know- moral support always helps ;)