Sunday, August 16, 2009

End of Wk 4

Since camp and knee inury, this week is the biggest I've banked so far :D!! It's beyond wonderful. The quality, volume, consistency, and boost in fitness have all been met these 4 weeks into Kona training and it really gives me confidence and motivation going forward to the remaining 8 weeks.
Yesterday I headed out for a little over 5hrs with Julie D., John, and another girl (can't remember her name). We started out on the bike path off Camino Del Sur / 56 and rolled down to the coast, through Elfin Forrest, across Del Dios to the Wild Animal Park, to Bandy Cnyn, up Highland Valley Rd (ouch!!), Scripps, back to car. Seriously, climbing up Highland Valley at various points I thought I'd have to unclip and walk- legs were screaming!! But, managed to hang tough and once the bike was in the car again I shuffled through a t-run. It actually felt great. I just told myself to think quick cadence and my legs weren't dragging at all :D
Once home it was shower, food, sleep! This morning I checked off my run first thing, refueled with a massive plate of eggs and potatoes and am just waiting for masters and an afternoon weights session before calling it a day.
Tomorrow will be a well deserved OFF day where I look forward to absorbing all this work and freshening up a bit the first half of the week as I get ready to race Santa Barbara. I have no clue what to expect out of this race but thankfully getting smacked in every race this season so far has left me with no where to go from here but up! That's what's extremely exciting about Kona- it cannot go worse for me than what I've experienced since April (knock on wood). But really, it will be my first race this yr with a planned taper coming off steady strong training. I think I forgot what that feels like and cannot wait to remind myself!
Anyway, the countdown continues- 55 days!