Sunday, February 17, 2008

TMS Duathlon

Well the weather didn't turn out to be as bad- at least not as bad as Frost Yer Fanny in mid-January...that was a sufferfest.
I had a great race- followed my strategy perfectly and felt awesome. After the Hawaii camp and a pretty hard last week, my legs weren't as stiff/heavy as I expected them to be so that was nice.
2mi-15mi-2mi...and I was to go HR>hard on the run meaning 175+. On the bike I was not to worry about my HR or power and as soon as another athlete passed me to stay 3 bike lengths behind him/her and not let them go no matter how hard the effot turned out. Cool.
The first run I was in second just behind Lacey Brewer. I knew right away she'd be the one to watch since I raced her last year at Fast & Furious Duathlon. I got her in that race mainly because it's a run-bike-run-BIKE so since I'm slightly stronger than her on the bike that was to my advantage as she's a great runner. So onto the bike I had one guy pass me about half way into the first loop (3 loops of 5 miles) and I stayed with him. I passed Lacey about 3/4 of the way into the first loop and I knew to pass her strong because I would need the lead into the second run. After about mid-second loop the guy ahead of me picked it up and I couldn't keep at it so I settled and went my hard effort until another guy came by at the start of the 3rd loop and I went with him to the end of the bike.
The bike was super super windy!!!!!! Over half of the loop we were in headwind and some bad crosswind. Seriously, I don't know what's up with TX in the winter but it's just as bad as what I've experienced in Kona.
Anyway...on to the second run...I got out of transition and saw Lacey arriving to put her run stuff on so it was all out or nothing. The run course is two loops of a mile each inside the Speedway- which by the way, absolutely kicks ass. So after the first loop I was still ahead and then about 200m from the finish Lacey passed me and I was going as fast as my legs would allow at that time. So I tried to pick it up and surge that last few hundred meters but nopes. So I'm super happy with my race. Lacey was great competition and she got me good. I thought I'd come in 2nd overall but since the 40+ age groups started 5min before us there was no way to tell that a super fast 40-45 yr old came in 1st until the results were posted online. So, yea, I got 3rd and 1st in my age group :)
Now after a good lunch/late breakfast I'm off to my 1hr swim in a little while.
Another hard week to follow (harder than last- so this will be a great push) and then recovery week.

It looks like I'll be racing pretty much every week now haha...sometimes I question Ahmed's sanity, and mine in following along with a smile :)
5k March 1, 10K March 8, 5k March 15, another 5k March 22...the Lonestar Festival Sprint and Olympic back-to-back March 29/30 in Galveston.

See ya'll out at the races!!!!!!