Monday, February 11, 2008

Hawaii Pics!!

Day before leaving...sitting by the sand volleyball court on Alii Drive looking at the ocean and thinking of a plot to stay in Kona forever.

Before run

Me and the boys

Me and baby Ali- future SMU swimmer, Olympian, and IM World Champ...among other things

Cervelo born and bred- Ahmed's bike & mine (London)

Aaron and I on our way to Kaloko

"Again"- Ahmed's famous torture quote as we do countless race starts.

Last run


Yummy lunch at Lava Java

The last night we went to Huggo's but I couldn't sit with everyone at the bar because I'm not 21, even if I'm drinking water, and we pretend one of the campers is my mom. So I'm just outside on a chair that we snuck out the window opening...this layout didn't last long :(