Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Cabo Triathlon Training Camp(s)

Yesterday I felt exactly what it's like when you combine passion and work, and when you understand why you experienced what you did years prior, and why you are where you are at this very moment.

I posted this on my Facebook yesterday, even though there's still quite of bit of planning left because I know once the camp is officially open for registration people will appreciate having had a heads up.

"Get ready for the most EPIC "tracation" EVER!!...When I got to Cabo it sort of felt like the Kona of Mexico: Great highway, mountains juxtaposed with stunning coastline full of majestic bays for swimming & golf courses and new roads and trails for running, I could not contain my excitement and determination to bring my friends and make this a new Mecca of triathlon.

Life works wonders, & I've been fortunate to connect with some incredible people that share the same passion for sport and vision for Cabo as an athletic destination.

We already have the Ironman, we're planning more races, mountain biking is part if the culture here, we have a half marathon in February, & more and more people show up for group open water swims, and rides in and out of Cabo on some amazing mountainous roads.

We had a meeting today at the site of the ongoing TriCaboKidz camp and you could feel the generational impact of sport all around you.

We're going to offer an intermediate to advanced training camp for adults (to start) and invite a couple interested pros to help us promote the camp and lead the campers in swims, bikes, runs, trx sessions, and nutrition/training talks. The details of the discount packages for accommodations etc, as well as the "invite package" for pros will be announced later as we're still in the beginning stages of setting the camps loose;)!!

Friends, friends of friends, amateurs and pros alike, sponsors, and anyone else interested, please contact me with any questions or to mark your enthusiasm just like this post/album.

Where else can you get 350 + days of summer sunshine/yr, turquoise waters, quick (California!) and easy travel, amazing food and hospitality, and the chance to literally "live the dream" training?!?!"

We're shooting for early 2015 to allow participants a chance to really get in some SOLID work load before the season commences. Eventually, we hope to offer a mid and end of year camp as well. Because Cabo can get VERY hot in the summer months- July-September, I want to organize something for the masochists (like myself) that like brutal but effective Kona prep. 

The accommodations (villas/condos/homes and hotels) that we will offer campers- pros and amateurs- will be second to none. No matter your budget, you will be somewhere that allows training, recovery, and "enjoyment" :) to be your only concern. 

Myself and other locals we'll be partnering with, will offer rides to and from the airport, to other activities you may want to explore in Cabo (if you have energy left haha), and to some of the areas best EATS. This won't just be triathlon training- it will be the ultimate Cabo experience!!