Thursday, February 11, 2010

Stay Tuned

Don't really have much time to blog today as I leave for camp in Victoria tomorrow :D!! But I just wanted to give a little update and tell ya to stay tuned for lots of pictures and tales of my time in Canada.

This week I started to see a major increase in fitness. I'm loving the training plan, and it's comforting to know coach Paul is steering me in the right direction. Gotta trust the plan for it to work- first and foremost!

One of my favorite workouts ever was yesterday's 20x400s. After my 3hr hard ride in the morning...which was supposed to be Swami's but I got inpatient, left too early from home, and then never got caught by the group, so ended up just hammering on my own...I went into intense sleep for almost 2hrs and woke up eager to get my run on.

I had intended to do them at the pretty La Costa Canyon H.S track but got there and there were a bunch of kids and supposedly a game starting later. So I veered over to the local middle school dirt track and it turned out fabulous. There's just something about that old school dirt/rugged track that inspires me when I run there. The time flew by, and after the set, I just cooled down around the neighborhood.

So today it's lots of laundry, a swim (done), ez 75min run, and pack pack pack!!

I'm fired up to get in a beast amount of quality work with the LifeSport peeps :)